Yusuf Kiire Ngula is a Ugandan self-taught contemporary artist born 1986 in Mbale and raised in Kampala. His love for art started at an early age drawing superheroes and cars. He was inspired by his Fine Art teacher in high school to take it as a subject but eventually studied business at Makerere University Business School.

Because tragedies make career cases, Ngula is greatly inspired by the historical and current affairs coupled to the never ending ideological conflicts in various socio-economic, political and environmental ways. Using society as his faithful guide in his art practice, he has overtime learnt how to drape hard realities into attractive visual creations from which people draw their perceptions using animals as a metaphor to elucidate human hypocritical ways of life. "To me art has become a social fact and mirror to social dilemma," says Ngula. 

His works have been widely exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions home and away. He has been a part of art fairs including the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam and is recipient to the "best young artist prize" hosted by Tulifanya Art Gallery in Nairobi, Kenya.

"I love Ñoise and loud Sex!"
These make a statement, creating an urge to know,  to see  and to tell. 
Coming from a society that covers all past cloth, one craves to know why she’s different from me!
A rebellious mind intrigues society, why not have the same line of time?! I am fascinated by the minds of the ones that stand out that is say I love where there’s more fire. 
My works capture a social critique that casts a ray of light on the salient shades of visual narratives. They are a subject of female contours in abstract or semi-abstract forms.
Oil is an ancient mastery medium that I use along with modern techniques like induction of charcoal spray.
Paintings have been a "social media" since old times bringing about interaction of people.. everytime I paint l long to create a mental and psychological vehicle addressing the veiled feelings of a tamed society.