Yiga Joshua Mulungi is a 1997 Kampala- Ugandan born artist and sculptor with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine art and Industrial Design from Kyambogo University. He has been actively practicing art from 2017 and has since then gained some experience in mural execution as a contributor to Vodo art society and lab.

Yiga draws his inspiration from his "Kiganda" culture and the games he played as a child. His style of art is a realistic definition of the theme "zadde" which means a baby (doll) made out of banana fibres. These have been used by most children from the 18th century until date in the rural areas as representations of human race as their creativity aimed at child bearing and parenting. The skills to make these baby dolls were passed on from one generation to another through parents especially the mothers as a playful way of teaching their children to be responsible, to love and to care for the young.

Yiga believes that the imagination of a real baby in the mind of a girl child was a doll and that we were once dolls in the minds of our mothers when they were young before the real world unveiled, the hieroglyphs he uses in his backgrounds are a reflection of the genesis of art, a time when stick man was used to represent gender; something which helps him to create stories that people relate to.

"I use these dolls to tell my story and the stories of others in my community"