Tindi Ronnie Chris has practiced art for several years and majors in painting but also explores other disciplines of art like sculpture through recycling. He loves to illustrate his dreams as an artist by painting them on canvas.

Tindi is also engaged in the building of the Uganda Arts industry through his active membership in the Uganda visual Artist and designers association (UVADA) where he serves as a vice president. He was shortlisted as one of the top 10 contemporary artists in Uganda by the culture trip in 2014.


His work is mainly about hope and beauty. Tindi expresses himself through working with colour, mainly acrylic paints in a thick form. His colourful work harmonizes his creation with God’s creation. His work is also meant to inspire and uplift one’s spirit. His work is also inspired by the people around him, animals, cultural beliefs and the relationship between man and nature. 

All this is executed in an impressionistic style and sometimes mixed with cubism and symbolism,tindi today is working with fabrics-cut offs of bitengi collected from different tailors, and fashion houses,as a measure to conservation of environment,and in this way he goes on to explore a unique art style he originally came up with to produce art works that are a result of collages and paints. Today Tindi works with his own studio Tindicolours in wakiso found in Uganda.



Asante art gallery.
Nommo gallery.
Umoja art gallery.
Afri-art gallery.
AKA art gallery.
Karibu art gallery.
Aid child art gallery.
Premier inn art gallery.
Acacia hotel art gallery.
Njovu art gallery.
twende art gallery.
Design agenda gallery.
Uganda art gallery.
Makerere university art gallery.
American embassy.etc


Art space .
Photizo art gallery.
polka dot art gallery.
Bonzo art gallery.
One off art gallery.
Nairobi national museum.
Art fair Kenya.
American embassy,Nairobi.
Russian embassy, Nairobi.
International school of Kenya(ISK FOTA).
Banana hill art gallery.
Jamer fest Kenya.
Talisman restaurant.
Village market.
Fota ISK.

Also exhibited at;

Millerntor gallery(Germany)
East Africa art biennale (Tanzania)
Heritage gallery(Tanzania)
Kampala art biennale (uganda)
Labs street festival (Uganda) 

Curated and participated as an artist in millerntor gallery pop up show 2017,2018,2019