Art Exhibition

What is “Strokes of Splendour” Art Exhibition about? This exhibition is presenting the themes and ideas of two eminent Ugandan masters, Kizito Maria Kasule and Godfrey Banadda. The intellectual fervour that matches their artistic energy, and the social commentary and emotions evoked in their work, is based on their reflective spirit.

Their visual analysis through the painting medium is intended to appeal to the broader audience and invoke internal thoughts, so that the viewer can understand more about the images and their embodied themes and ideas as presented to them through painterly means on canvas.

Conceived as a joint art exhibition of the paintings of Kizito Maria Kasule and Godfrey Banadda, two of Uganda’s prolific artists come together in a one-month show, from 20th April 2024 until 20th May 2024, a show under the theme Strokes of Splendour that features a number of their artworks at Umoja Art Gallery in Kampala.

They are masters in the trade and have mentored a number of Ugandan artists through their indelible legacies as academics and art practitioners. The exhibition Strokes of Splendour leaves behind a legacy of artworks in colours that speak to the spirit of the age in which the Ugandan artist they epitomize takes centre stage in a number of stripes: as a public intellectual, and as an intellectual and social commentator, to mention a few strands. 

It also leaves behind an insight into the creative practice of Kizito and Banadda, what their artwork’s imagery means in the broader context of “Strokes of Splendour,” and the work’s historical significance to Modern Art in Uganda, or to Contemporary Ugandan Art. Delving deeper into the exhibition one will see splendid “Strokes of Splendour” that define the two artists and their art.

April, 2024. 

Godfrey Banadda