Ahimbisibwe Ronex is a Ugandan visual artist, majorly a semi-abstract multimedia painter and sculptor with a great drive for adventure and experimenting new things and hence the complexity and uniqueness of his works. His work encompasses wood cut prints, digital and photography, mixed media installations other than paintings and sculptures.  

Ronex is one of the greatly renowned visual artists in Uganda whose work has been widely exhibited in countries like England, USA, Denmark, Germany, Spain and East Africa at large and collected privately and publically. He has featured in different catalogues (Africa Now, Bonham London in 2013,  Contemplary Ugandan Artists, Spain in 2012, Kampala Art Bsiennale, Kampala  in 2014), magazines and workshops.  

"Art is not just a profession to me but a refugee and comfort... without it I seem lost" 

Ronex has also pocketed some grants and awards home and away including "Inspired by the Achive" lwalewa Haus, Bayreuth, Germany in 2013,  "Order in Chaos" Nafasi Art Gallery, Tanzania in 2012, etc). With over 20 years of experience in painting, the vastly skilled  artist graduated from Makerere University in 2001 with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Fine Art and has been exhibiting his work since 2002 in solo and group exhibitions.

Ronex draws his inspiration from the "burning curiosity within him to know what will be the effect if he dared to do the controversial of the world's known truths" this he achieves by using a wide range of materials and techniques to bring his creative imaginations to sight where human perception is drawn