Dr. Rashid Diab,  is a Sudanese visual artist basically a painter whose love for painting started early in his childhood drawing his inspiration from travel influences, day to day life and well being of people and the different life forms to "define the relationship between space and time in his own artistic way".  He is a vastly skillful, talented painter and arts teacher; with an honours degree from School of Fine and Applied Arts in Khartoum, 1978 and a PhD from Complutense University of Madrid, 1991. 

His work has been widely exhibited (Norway, Korea, US, Spain, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, etc) privately and permanently collected in museums that is, Museum of Fine Art in Cairo, Egypt,  the Royal Museum of Fine Art in Amman, Jordan; due to his colourful style of painting that merges Western and African influences and hence expressing a cultural identity in a global context.   

He has won several prizes (Salon de Ontono de Madrid, 1989,, 1st biennial of Abu Dhabi, 1986, 3red biennial of Taipei, 1987....) in different countries including Cuba and Taiwan; and as well contributed to the growth of Modern Art Movement in Africa, this by founding one of the most outstanding centres for creative talent.

"My strong desire to paint has over time become a biological instinct that drives me to paint and continue to paint as I strengthen my relationship with the world around me"