Kasambeko Paul a.k.a Kaspa is a Ugandan artist from the suburbs of Kampala; who has always had the desire to be an artist from childhood only to achieve his dream with an honours degree in Industrial and Fine Art from Makerere University, 2004. He had his first solo Art Exhibition in 2005 under the theme "Free at last" freeing himself from the woes of school art practice principles and rules of finding a new language of expression.   

Kaspa is a creative expressionist painter whose subjects are faceless with universal stories; executed in a much looser technique with free, flickering brushwork. He draws his inspiration from the popular urban culture, modern abstraction and figuration, personal experiences ( I find myself repeatedly drawn to abstractions that truly reflect my exploratory and experimental journey to my freedom), travel influences and our day to day human struggles, behavior and wellbeing.  

The dynamic, exploratory, sketchy, searching, vertical and intersection lines in my work aid to find my way as I bring my imaginative compositions to sight in form of paintings where human perception is drawn. Its my role as an artist to bring a closer scrutiny of ordinary things such as paper collage and African fabric among others into a creative visual impact in an unusual context

"I always want my audience to interpret my work the way they want because I love to paint the world I feel rather than that I see."