Artist Statement

My artistic practice revolves around the exploration of identity and the intricate layers that shape human experiences. I strive to bridge the gap between reality and imagination blurring the boundaries between internal and external landscapes using mixed media newspapers and acrylics on canvas. Drawing inspiration from the chaotic and transient nature of contemporary society, my works delve into the themes of alienation, cultural assimilation and the erasure of personal narratives.

They enlighten an introspective journey where personal narratives are at a constant risk of being overrun due to external influences, information influx from the media, societal expectations, historical narratives and time as reflected by the Web in every piece.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you see a Web or Spider in a place or in the corner of the house, is that it was closed for a long time or that no one was living there for a while. As an immigrant and an artist I am greatly inspired by this narrative to show the loneliness that we are suffering as immigrants. My paintings are basically about people that are isolated and lost deep inside...

I aim to create a dialogue that evokes empathy, encourages self-rediscovery and confronts the complex tapestry of shared human experiences hoping to empower individuals to embrace their own unique stories amidst the cacophony of external voices/ surroundings.

Through my works, I always tend to invite the viewer to both question and reflect upon the multifaceted layers of our existence, inspiring a conversation and sparking a conscious effort to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse voices that contribute to the rich tapestry of our society. Further more the use of newspapers from various sources also serves as an active strategy toward environmental conservation. I have also been actively sharing my talent, teaching art-enthusiasts of all ages for years.

Nebay, born in 1996 is a self-taught Eritrean visual artist whose passion for art started at a young age. He was previously based in Juba, South Sudan but has currently relocated to Kampala, Uganda.