Born in 1978, Emmanuel Lwanga is a sculptor based in Nsambya, Uganda. My love for sculpting started early in childhood when I discovered that I could make figures out of ant-hill soil from our home back yard that dried when left under the sun to a state of permanency. Although I didn't keep up with the sculpting due to lack of proper guidance, I was formally introduced to it upon joining Micheal Angelo School of Creative Arts in 2003

Emmanuel holds a first class degree in Industrial and Fine Art from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda in 2013 and a Diploma in Art and Design from Michelangelo College of Creative Arts, Kisubi, Uganda.

I am a multimedia sculptor whose work ranges from traditional figurative to portraiture targeting many social issues. I love working with a variety of materials but with a stronger attachment to clay. This is because clay provides me with various alternatives due to its flexibility. Each work allows the viewer to ponder on our shared life journey. No two people experience anything exactly the same,  yet a perfect stranger can walk up to a piece of art and experience such a strong connection. 

Emmanuel's Catalogue