Mukiibi Enoch is a Ugandan visual artist born in 1975 in Wakiso to Artist father the late Mugalula Mukiibi. Growing up in an artistic environment opened and built his desire to become an artist at a young age using his father's materials without his knowledge. He chose to study Fine Art as a subject in secondary/ high school but wasn't able to continue with it at University because his fine art results went missing twice in a row and thus he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Social linguistics and literature in English at Makerere University in 2000.

Enoch held onto his dream throughout his three year course and decided to fully take on art as a profession there after. Having studied literature at university has helped him greatly to create works with a deep meaning. His works have been exhibited widely both East Africa and abroad in countries including USA, Holland, UK, Germany, Portugal, Italy, etc.

Enoch says that his paintings are used as vehicles that share his personal views on his surroundings and imaginations. His works are semi-abstract forms that narrate the African cultures and life style. "Life is born out of pain," he says and through his works he captures the day to day activities of the rural-setting African women and children among others using oils, acrylics and water colors. The thick bold layered strokes with a stubborn freedom seen in his works are executed with bare fingers, brushes and pallete knives.