Canon. R. Griffin is a Ugandan artist and photographer born 1991.
He is motivated by the age old question of what the payload of humanity or existence in entirety is.
Canon makes art with the mandate to see us the living, and those to live, living in the best most epic way all can be.

"My artistic intention is to keep aspiration towards greater interconnectivity in a more sublime tomorrow" says Canon.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, here, there, them, you, me, everything can all feel like ONE instant of being.
I seek to stimulate the questioning of why we are here the way we are here. 
And, even if that remains a mystery, may the resulting desperation or awe instil a “will to better” within those whom from my art develop a lust for something more to ‘love and war.'

The atmosphere and elements that compose the Hawkers series, the figurative study of the “Abatembeyi” Luganda word for Hawkers and urban cityscapes symbolize the hopes and aspirations of the typical Ugandan people such as the banana hawkers, taxi drivers and farmers, who travel miles seeking for greener pastures. Also, in an attempt to share his artistic impression, his paintings explore and transfigure the architectural, socio-economic life and perspective of rural - urban Uganda into a dreamy atmosphere, a kind of invitation to discovery and travel.