Ameer Yousif is a Sudanese artist based in Khartoum born in Wad Madani where he spent his early years. He has always had a desire to be an artist from childhood only to achieve his dream with an honours degree from University of Sudan, 2001.

He is a primely gifted painter with several awards including the "Creativity Under Lockdown  Award, 2020" issued by UNESCO & MEADOWS. He draws his inspiration from his splint in colour to bring to the eye a visual stock of Sudanese cultural from customs, traditions and multiculturalism. This gives him a deep desire to deal harmoniously and consistently with colour; lovingly and happily to create colorful, eye-catching art works.

Ameer's subjects are aesthetic shapes which he expresses through semi-realism and abstraction from his own feelings because he believes it is more expensive and deep in thinking and thus doesn't make the eye bored as the recipient discovers more worlds larger than the area of painting itself in every look. 

"I cannot imagine what my life would be without painting...."