Ademola Adeshina hails from Osun State in western Nigeria. He studied general art in The Polythecnic, Ibadan, and was later trained as a textile designer at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. He is a self thought painter. He became a full time studio artist in 1999. Beholding his diverse styles of painting, one could deduce that Adeshina's mind is full of unending ideas, and his unquenchable desire to explore these ideas makes him delve into painting in different styles.  

He has been experimenting on how to strike a balance between abstraction and other forms of art, which over the years has produced the harvest of a particular style of painting that is now identified as being unique to him. He adopted pointillism, simplification and dematerializaion of human forms, suffused with decorative patterns and symbols drawn across the global space.

1- Introspect. Lagos 2009.
2- Life story.  Abuja 2012.
3- Footprints.   Abuja 2013.
4- Pastiche.  Lagos 2014.
5- Void to Form.  Lagos 2015.
6- Son of Nobody.  Lagos 2016.
7- Boundless.  Lagos 2017.
8- Internal Conflicts.  Lagos 2018.
9- Beyond Borders. Nairobi 2019.
10- Whispering Colors.  Lagos 2019.
11- Perfect Strangers.  Kampala 2019.

His work brims and bristles with reach and vibrant pastel-like palette with a unique allure that arrests the attention and invokes introspection. He has several group exhibitions to his credit and his works are widely collected by private individuals and public organizations both home and abroad.

"The greatest challenge of a man is to stand before himself. Art is the reality expressions of unspoken words."