Umoja Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Kampala, Uganda that was founded in 2011. The main objective of the gallery is to enable national and international visitors to revive Africa's cultural heritage and to become enamored with multi-centralism thereby stimulating the potential in African visual artists through exhibitions, art fairs and the like; eventually fostering the development of art in Africa.

This gallery shows the diversity of artwork although still in its infancy. It  depends on artists , cultural enthusiasts and patrons of the arts for the development for national and international artists to meet and exchange experiences It evidently fits into the cultural dynamics of the contemporary art in Uganda . Besides a number of social projects the gallery prides of an eminent cultural and artistic contribution. It is a place for inspiration, a place for exchange of experiences between local and foreign artists and a place that artists will be proud to associate with .

It will contribute to the revitalizing the artistic fibre and encourage dialogue between the artists and populace by encouraging exchange between visual artists, such as Sculptors and painters, performing artists such as dancers , singers, drummers and storytellers . These dialogues and interactions will help to give direction to the diverse effervescent artistic talent in Uganda and beyond